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Reproductive rights are human rights

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Join our coalition of agencies and organizations in Maine and beyond who believe now is the time to act.

Why Are Reproductive Rights Important?

We need to communicate the devastating impact that taking away the basic human right to safe healthcare and family planning will have on all people, not just women. This directly affects anyone born with a uterus, but it also affects everyone connected to those people. And taking away the control of your own body will (continue to) open the door to taking away more rights for more people, especially in already marginalized populations, like people of color and the LGBTQIA+ community.

That first point should be enough to stand on its own, but we also need to find the language to drive home the effect it will have not only on individuals and families, but on businesses’ bottom lines. Using documented data to make this second point may be what better helps drive change with audiences who don’t understand the importance of this decision.

Women’s labor accounts for $7.6 trillion—or 40% of annual U.S. gross domestic product (GDP). Imagine the financial impact when those women are no longer able to choose when, or if, to have a family.

56% of college-educated women would not apply to a job in a state that has recently banned abortion. Likewise, 54% of men ages 18 to 44 say they would be discouraged from taking a job in a state that has recently tried to restrict abortion access. As the younger generations enter the workforce, this trend will intensify.

Who is Adapt?

Adapt is a company founded in Denmark with branches across the globe.

We work closely with both the Blue and Green economies, starting with our backyard. We support Ukraine .

Target 5.6

Ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights

Our core values and mission are built on “Making a Difference” in the world. We have aligned our agency with UN SDGs (sustainable development goals) 10 and 13 , but we feel it is critically important to take a stand when an opportunity and obligation arises, such as now. UN SDG 5 is focused on the current human rights issues we are tackling in the US.

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